Gerda Wiegers

Founder and ceo

Gerda Wiegers has a master degree in business economics from the Free University in Amsterdam. After graduation she started working in the services industry, more specific financial services/mortgages. Gerda had several positions at the head-office of De Hypotheker (franchise organisation advising on mortgage selection). Then she worked for Rabobank, heading the consultancy department of the business unit Eigen Huis (“Own House”).

After spending 10 years in the world of mortgages it was a logic transfer for Gerda to the world of real estate. In 4 years, whilst working in real estate in the Zeist region, she became registered real estate broker and appraiser. In 2009 she became a member of the NVM (Dutch real estate broker association) and in 2010 she started her own firm. From the very beginning she specialised with her company Pracht Aankoopmakelaars on advising exclusively on the purchase of real estate in the higher and more luxurious segment of the market. She predominantly works for clients in the Randstad, but also elsewhere in The Netherlands. She also has a focus on working for expats.

Advising clients in the real estate market has always been a deliberate choice of Gerda as she appreciates the deep relationship in client contacts. Her guiding principle in any real estate purchase is: find the appropriate solution. To support her clients even further she started a second company in 2013, PrachtNova Verbouwmanagers, focusing on coordinating the renovation of a house from start to finish. With all of this Gerda offers a complete package of services for creating comfortable living.

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Pracht Aankoopmakelaars

Willem Arntszlaan 141

3734 EE Den Dolder

030 -228 60 49


06-41 86 74 08

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